SAT Essay Tips Every Student Should Know

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SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, represents standard system that helps colleges see that a student is ready for academic tasks and can provide analysis and writing skills. SAT essay does not really differ from basic college assignment where main task means analyzing passage of text. An only major difference lies in given time for task completion, which usually limits students to 50 minutes. As one analyzes author's main arguments by processing presented information, it is crucial to deliver strong essay by using little writing tips and obligatory essay rules.

Providing SAT essay tips, our experts at EduBirdie believe that it is a mixture of correct structure and techniques that help achieve successful grades.

SAT Timing & Valuable Structure Tips

In order to know how to write sat essay right, learn basic rules that should be followed for successful completion.

First of all, one should remember about time limits, so our experts recommend coming up with preliminary preparation, knowing what to expect. In most cases, unless specified otherwise, SAT essay length will vary between 650 and 750 words. Take short time for reading and provide analytical response. Reading through given passage, one should not provide your opinion or take sides. What SAT essay requires is proper analysis of author's work where student should show how persuasive arguments are revealed. As essay prompt is provided, seek for facts and examples while reading.

SAT essay format includes generic five paragraphs that most American students are already familiar with. Here is basic guidelines template that college board will definitely accept. Don’t underestimate these SAT essay tips:

Introduction - Key elements that grader will see first. Do not be fussy and take time to introduce your paper with certain statement that author presents. Follow this tip!

Thesis Statement - student should provide specific argument about what author speaks about and what persuasive techniques are used. Do not provide your opinion or take any bias as such approach leads towards failed score. This is a valuable SAT essay tip.

Analytical Paragraph - continue by focusing on specific examples that support essay's thesis. Do not paraphrase author, but explain why you agree or disagree with certain point.

Explanation Paragraph - Before reaching final paragraph, take time & explain why specific technique has been used by author. An example would be vivid language, comparisons, metaphors, allegories or use of additional research.

Conclusion - final part where thesis must be restated. Do not introduce new ideas or any new examples. Final sentence should be strong, including assumption or a call to action, showing that in-depth analysis has been made.

It must be noted that most SAT essay prompts are composed for broad audience and come from published works, which means that students deal with professional writing. But with our SAT essay tips you’ll boost your academic performance for sure! Schools implement SAT test for testing how rhetorical writing is understood, which means that writers should be creative just like when you should write scholarship essay.

SAT Score Rules Explained

Now most students find it challenging to interpret SAT scores because of sections that seem overly complex. Even if you use SAT essay calculator, it may not make it clear, thus SAT essay guide on scores still remains necessary.

First of all, there is no passing score per se, but score results that include three sums that range between 2 and 8. Total score will range between 400 and 1600 points. Reading and writing section that provides evidence will vary between 200 and 800 points. Finally, there is so-called Math section that will range between 200 and 800 points. Basically, each essay will be scored on Reading, Analysis, and Writing aspects.

For example, 1050 points can be considered about average with anything above being closer to top. 1400 points would bring student in about 5% of American students taking such test nationwide. Getting towards 1500 points is rare, yet still possible! What should be considered is that each school and college in the United States have specific requirements. Even with lower GPA, high SAT score can help getting admitted at premier colleges. Follow our SAT essay tips & succeed.

Since taking this test appears optional and not required by most American colleges, it will not hurt overall score, unless talk goes of specific school where requirements ask for it. It will never hurt as this test also acts as a great practice of one’s skills.

15 Expert Tips for SAT Essay

Check these SAT essay tips provided by our best experts who completed this test and got high results. Only useful & time-tested SAT essay tips for your academic success:

Tip to Read Prompt Before Passage - take your time for understanding of given subject.

Memorize and Identify Specific Persuasive Techniques - what literary devices are used for readers persuasion?

Tip to Focus on Relevant Details - memorize good key points used for author’s arguments.

Have Paragraph Outline Plan Before Starting - this tip suggests using basic 5 paragraph format.

Tip to Avoid Using Your Opinion - provide analysis on how author uses argumentation, not what an argument’s topic reveals! This tip is very important!

Do Not Paraphrase Author's Words Tip - One can use direct quotes if absolutely necessary, but avoid turning essay into summary. It has to be analytical.

Tip to Identify Persuasive Technique - state how exactly author persuades target audience. If there are few examples available, mention them.

Avoid Using Slang Tip - keep language clear and within academic style. Avoid colloquial language or slang terms.

Tip to Identify Reasoning and Evidence - What kind of reasoning was used and what evidence has been provided in text. Analyze where or how author has made it evident. This’s a very crucial SAT essay tip!

Analyze Diverse Editorials - No matter what topics may appear (no need for prior knowledge!), most US college professors recommend reading through different editorials and newspapers to get taste of professional editorial writing.

Tip to Perform Grammar Check - check for spelling, punctuation, grammar by taking sufficient time. Alternatively, check yourself with our editing essay online service.

Avoid Repetitions Tip - this SAT essay tip suggest not to repeat statements already mentioned twice. If something appears clear, implement deeper analysis to let readers see why author’s argumentation is reliable.

Tip to Use Literary Devices - this tip suggests that style should be professional as graders check how well student can cope with his or her evidence finding. Expert writers next SAT essay tip is using metaphors and comparisons, adding emotion, basic analytical strategies wherever possible.

Identify Author's Style Tip - while reading through text passage, identify what style is used. It can be argumentative, analytical, comparative, reflective, persuasive among others.

Tip to Make Strong Statement in Conclusion - final sentence can be either strong call to action or assumption regarding what changes can be done. Strive for showing sufficient evidence that text has been studied and understood.