Technology Topics That Help To Impress a Teacher

发表时间:2019-10-12 13:44

Technologies have become such a relevant thing in our lives that we can’t imagine even a day without using some of them. We build relationships with their help, do daily activities like cooking or cleaning, and most importantly, make new discoveries. Many American students want to make technologies an even bigger part of their life, so they pick a Polytechnic State university, Institute of Technology in one of many states, or enroll into private and prestigious places like California Institute of Technology. There, they’re often assigned essay-writing, Which among technology topics to choose from, though?

Many things depend on specialty. For example, sciences connected with computer require their own set of topics while Engineering might entail something drastically different. The key to success lies in choosing something you’re truly interested in, but even then, students often need help writing an essay.

Technology topics

Steps In Researching for Topics

When students have to sit down and write their essay, they are often at a loss as to what actions to do first. Many look for topics and start writing right away, ignoring all other things that could facilitate their task significantly. Few succeed with such strategy, and that’s why it’s essential to know all steps that should be covered before actually writing quality essay.

Understand your assignment. It’s not as easy as it seems at first. There may be contradictory or downright confusing elements, and it’s better to clarify them all before starting your work. Read instructions attentively several times; if in doubt about something, don’t hesitate to clarify it with professor.

Find topic idea. That’s probably the most crucial thing in the entire essay-writing process. Unless you were given a specific topic about technology for research paper, look for something you know you will enjoy exploring. The more interesting you find a theme, the more chances you’ll have at writing a truly superior essay. Google different lists with best topics and pick one you feel curious enough about to investigate it.

Read about your topic. When writing, you’ll include relevant sources for supporting your claims. Research them in advance. See what specialists say about your topic and utilize their work to boost your own ideas.

Choose a question to investigate. Depending on the length of your paper, narrow down your topic further. Pick a specific area you are going to explore. For example, if you’ve chosen such topic as Information Technology in Everyday Life, break the IT part into more specific bits. Everyday Usage of Computer already sounds less general, and you can break it into even narrower parts as well. Most importantly, just choose question and focus on it.

Utilize your key ideas to look for articles. As mentioned above, you’ll find sources to support your arguments. You’ve already read relevant info on your topic at this point – now, it’s time to select the best research articles and use them as your support base. Look for more articles that correspond to your topic by typing main ideas into search. Make sure they are credible and include them into references.

Use links in these articles to find more good sources. In case you do not have a sufficient number of sources, implement sources mentioned in the articles you have already chosen. They’ll be written on the same topics, so that might be very helpful for your work.

Five Kinds of Arguable Claims

Controversial topics usually result in best essays. Unless you are interested in picking such topic yourself, you may also be asked to write argumentative essay. If so, it’s important to know all five types of claims that you can select from.


People often disagree with each other about what causes what. Choose one of technology research topics that would support a claim about the connection between something over other — for example, argue that social insecurity isn’t the cause of computer addiction.


For as long as we live, we will always argue about one thing being superior than another and vice versa. Do the same. Pick subject that some enjoy and others hate, after that select your side.


What policies are taking place? Investigate the most controversial ones and decide whether you support or disapprove of it.


That’s an area where you can find most controversial technology topics. Find the fact that people can’t agree on and defend your side.


What does definition of IT entail? People have different answers. Select one of research topics like this and argue for your position.